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Westy Futures Program Makes Athletics Available to all Students


The Westy Futures Program is  successfully preparing students for, well, their future. The K-8 sports program gives students the opportunity to participate in organized athletics that gets them ready to compete at the high school level.

Name a sport and there is a pretty good chance that the Futures Program is supporting it. 

As you may have noticed, volleyball is an increasingly popular sport for both boys and girls. In fact, there are so many volleyball players that the athletes in the Westy Futures program are able to compete against students from outside the district. 

Volleyball Coach, Celeste Amarosa says the program is a great motivator for kids. Not only do they have to stay on top of their grades to remain eligible, they also spend time with the high school athletes who serve as mentors and often go to high school games.

“It gives them something to work towards and look forward to,” Amarosa adds. 

Orchard Park Academy player Kimberly Morales-Silva, is a fan, saying the Futures program, “Helped me improve a lot.”

Note: Registration is now underway for Futures K-8 basketball and wrestling programs.

  • Fee: $50

  • K-5 basketball registration closes on Oct. 20 - Program starts Nov 6! 

  • Wrestling registration closes on Oct. 31 - League season starts Nov. 1!

  • 6-8 basketball registration closes Dec. 8 - No tryouts and league season starts early January!

  • More program information and online registration at