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Staff Spotlight: William Reynolds

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William Reynolds

WPS Vision Teacher 

Will Reynolds is a vision teacher here in WPS who works with students with visual impairments or blindness. According to fellow teacher Erika Mazzucca, “Will is a generous and kind person to students and staff. He is always willing to help anyone in need and will add a touch of humor while doing it!” Susan Bingler, Special Education Coordinator, writes, “Will Reynolds is a remarkable educator dedicated to empowering and inspiring those with visual impairments. Through his passion, innovation, and tireless efforts, Will has not only transformed the lives of those he teaches but has also raised awareness about the importance of accessibility and inclusivity.”  

Years in WPS: This is my 8th school year teaching in WPS. I also completed my student teaching here the year before I was hired. 

Favorite Food: Currently, my favorite food is nachos. However, people who know me well understand my addiction to coffee. I probably consume half of my daily calories through creamy, sweet, hot coffee.

Favorite Activity: I really enjoy my fitness and exercise time every night, it benefits my mind just as much as my body. 

What I am listening to right now: I have an eclectic taste in music. I grew up listening to a lot of smooth jazz, Steely Dan and Grateful Dead. Right now, I am on a Dave Matthews Band kick with a sprinkling of Vince Guaraldi Trio. 

Superpower I wish I had: I wish I was able to teleport. I would love to be able to experience other countries, and even go to a nice warm beach during my lunch breaks. 

If I could make the world a better place in one way: If I could make the world better in one way, I would encourage everyone to be accepting of cultural and lifestyle differences. 

What has Westminster Public Schools meant to you? To me, WPS means community, and I enjoy seeing how involved the school district is in Westminster. I like seeing permanent student art work displayed in parks and along streets. I like how many families are involved in the homecoming parade and with school events such as field trips. I like seeing parents and adults engaged in educational opportunities that are hosted by the school district. And I appreciate the outreach and liaison efforts to make sure everyone stays warm during the winter and has food when school isn’t in session.

Who inspires me in WPS (staff, parent, or student): Honestly, all of my students that I teach, and all of their teachers that I work alongside with regularly, inspire me in one way or another. Most of the students I teach are impacted in many ways, and on top of that, have certain degrees of blindness.