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STEM Academy Wins Governor’s Science Bright Spot Award

Big money and big accolades are coming to Colorado STEM Academy with last week’s announcement that the school is one of just 16 in the state of Colorado to be recognized as a Governor’s Science Bright Spot school.

The schools that were honored showed above average achievement in Science.

The award comes with a $50,000 federal grant to support the continuation of expanded science and technology programs. The money can be used to purchase educational technology for students and/or summer school or after-school programming. Funds can also be spent on professional development to help teachers improve their skills.

Principal Brenda Martin says she and her staff are now brainstorming the best ways to utilize the grant. “This type of award is once in a lifetime and we want to use every penny to enhance our already strong STEM programming,” said Martin. 

Martin shared the news with her staff with Superintendent Pam Swanson in the room along with Deputy Superintendent Jeni Gotto and Dr. Brian Kosena, Director of Teaching and Learning. 

“By highlighting the top sixteen schools in the state for science achievement, we are shining a light on what works,” said Governor Jared Polis in a press release. “Many of Colorado’s booming job sectors like aerospace are based on science so I am thrilled to provide these science-education related grants to schools so our teachers have the tools in the classroom and students can learn and get into good-paying jobs.”

 three students behind stem academy photo frame