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A Note from Superintendent Swanson | November 15

Dear Westminster Community,

The Thanksgiving Holiday has always meant a lot to me because it taps into one of my favorite life lessons and a message that I try to share with others:

“Live your life, with an Attitude of Gratitude”

At Tuesday night’s Board of Education meeting I was able to share my gratitude to outgoing Board of Education members Max Math and Ken Ciancio. They were both term-limited and were unable to run for the board in this year’s election. If they could have, my hunch is that they probably would have; they are that committed to the community both of them grew up in.

As I joked with the board, Max will always be a Westminster Warrior while Ken is a Ranum Raider through and through. While they have spent some time teasing each other, what is so special about them is that at the end of the day, their loyalty to the children of this school district is even more important to them.

If you are interested, you can check out my comments about the two here I go through a long list of accomplishments that the board has achieved during their tenure … it is pretty astounding.

I don’t know that the public realizes just how much time a good Board of Education member puts into their jobs. The twice-a-month meetings are a small fraction of their work.

Max and Ken, our Warrior and our Raider are two people all of us should be grateful for.

Kindest regards, 
Dr. Pamela Swanson
Superintendent of Schools