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Entire Second Grade Class at Hodgkins Receive Free Bicycles and Helmets

On the day before a long weekend, 81 second grade students at Hodgkins Elementary were surprised with new bicycles thanks to a donation from Wish For Wheels and Xactly Corporation.

Xactly Corporation has offices in Denver and Westminster and after employees decided to fund a community-giving project, they asked Wish for Wheels to select a school located between both office locations. Wish for Wheels then reached out to Hodgkins Elementary and gathered the names of all the second grade students that would receive a bike.

Since its creation, Wish for Wheels has given away more than 30,000 new bikes and helmets.  Wish for Wheels uses the membership fees for its cycling club to get more kids on bikes.  Members of the club are strong advocates for bike riding noting that it does wonders for a child’s mental and physical health.

In preparation for this donation, physical education instructor, Tim Woodruff designed the week’s curriculum around bike safety. “We’re fortunate enough at WPS to have a traveling bicycle kit that goes from school to school for a month,” said Woodruff. “The kids have been working on bicycle safety with helmets and working on their balance.”

When the day came for students to receive their bikes, volunteers with Xactly and Wish for Wheels helped each student choose an appropriately sized bike and got each student fitted with a new helmet.

Watch the What’s Up WPS exclusive above to see the surprise on students’ faces when they received this special gift.