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Hodgkins Achieves HRS Level 1

Hodgkins Leadership Academy has received Level 1 Certification from Marzano Academies, the first of five steps in earning designation as a High Reliability School. A High Reliability rating is the “gold standard” for a competency based school.

To receive designation as a Level One school, an overwhelming percentage of staff, students and parents must agree that the school provides a safe, supportive and collaborative culture.  A basic premise of the Marzano Academies framework is that children cannot learn to their full potential if they don’t feel comfortable in their school.

Here are the five steps to becoming a High Reliability School:

HRS Levels

Hodgkins is joined by many WPS schools in their efforts to become a high reliability school. Earlier this year, John E. Flynn A Marzano Academy became the first school in the country to receive certification in all five levels.