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Nordstrom Donates Shoes to Students at Mesa

Several students at Mesa Elementary received an early holiday gift when they were surprised with a brand-new pair of New Balance shoes. Shoes That Fit, an organization that has provided more than 2 million pairs of brand new shoes to children across the United States, partnered with Nordstrom to donate shoes to those who are in need of a new pair. Shoes That Fit reached out to Mesa’s community liaison, Lorraine Villalva to let her know that they were ready to donate 50 sneakers to students who needed new shoes that fit perfectly.

Staff at Mesa determined which students were wearing shoes that no longer fit comfortably and measured them for their brand-new shoes. On Dec. 7 and 10, students were asked to stop by the library to open up their shoebox and try on their new pair of shoes. Many of these students have previously only owned used pairs of shoes so it was exciting for them to unwrap the shoes and take the paper filling out of the packaging.

“This [donation] means the world,” said Mesa principal Janelle Stastny. “A lot of these kids have never had a brand new pair of shoes right out of the box.”

Students took turns trying on their new shoes and walking around the library to make sure that they were the perfect fit.

“I really like them, they’re really nice,” said Jasmine, a student at Mesa. “They feel way more comfortable than my old shoes.”

Afterward, students signed thank you cards that will be sent to Shoes That Fit and Nordstrom. Click through the photo gallery above to see how thrilled these students are to receive brand-new shoes.