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Families Raise Money for Mesa at McTeacher’s Night

Mesa Elementary families gathered at their neighborhood McDonald's on Oct. 3 to eat at one of America’s favorite restaurants and raise money for their school.

From 4:30 to 7:30 p.m., McDonald's donated 15% of all sales to the school. Several teachers and staff members welcomed families, delivered meals, chatted with parents and spent time with students in the playroom.  

Lupe Hernandez, a manager at McDonald’s, decorated the restaurant with balloons and helped to welcome families at the door. “We really enjoy doing this for our community,” said Hernandez.

This is the second time that McDonald’s has hosted Mesa to raise funds for the school.

Lorraine Villalva, the school’s community liaison, coordinated this fundraiser with McDonald’s. She said that this is different from typical fundraisers that have students selling candy and goods. McTeacher’s night encourages families to come together and enjoy an evening out with school staff. Villalva said that students love seeing their teachers outside of school and come to class the next day and excitedly say, “I saw you last night!”

By the end of the evening, dozens of families had stopped by McDonald’s to show their support for Mesa Elementary by raising $350 on McTeacher’s Night.

“Our parents are very supportive,” said Villalva.