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Mesa Students Get Tour of WHS CTE Pathways


Wide-eyed and full of wonder, over 40 level 3-5 students from Mesa Elementary spent Tuesday morning touring all the CTE pathways available at Westminster High School. These young students stared in amazement as they took in the beautiful facilities at WHS– the spacious gym, the stunning auditorium and library, as well as the view of Hidden Lake, made quite an impression. Students were then able to spend a few minutes in over a dozen different classrooms ranging from Computer Science, Construction, Animal Sciences, Culinary Arts and Graphic Design.

In each classroom, the teacher gave an overview of what high school students were capable of and students themselves answered questions about building rockets, vaccinating animals, producing a weekly newscast and programming an AI simulation of rainfall. While nibbling a brownie made by WHS Prostart students, Alex, a level 4 student declared loudly “BEST FIELD TRIP EVER!”

Comments like “That’s what I want to do!” and “I’m definitely going to this high school!” were overheard as these Mesa students watched their older counterparts work with high-tech equipment using a hands-on approach. Developing an appreciation for different career paths through positive role models was clearly an inspiration for all, broadening their horizons and future prospects. Another great example of a WPS motto: “All roads lead to Westminster High School."