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Lunch Applications for the 2023-2024 School Year are NOW OPEN!

Online applications are the fastest and easiest way to apply for meal benefits!

Free and Reduced-Price School Meals and Family Economic Data Survey

This year, WPS Schools is participating in the “Healthy School Meals for All” program; breakfast and lunch will be available to all students at no charge. All students enrolled at WPS may participate in Healthy School Meals for All program.

Studies have shown that children who are not hungry perform better in school. By providing lunch to all children at no charge, we are hoping to create a better learning environment for our students. 

The school breakfasts and lunches we serve follow U.S. Department of Agriculture guidelines for healthy school meals. The School Breakfast and Lunch Programs cannot succeed without your support; please encourage your children to participate in the school meal programs.

The submission of a  Free and Reduced Meals and Family Economic Data Survey helps ensure students receive the maximum amount of benefits they are eligible for, including a 50% of discount on school Technology fees (if you pay before October 1st and don’t have fees from previous years), instructional materials discounts, It also ensures schools also receive additional resources to provide personalized technology, internet access, technology infrastructure, Title I funds, and more staff in schools and after-school programs.

If you don’t have access to the online system, paper applications are available at all schools in the office.

Online applications are the fastest and easiest way to apply for meal benefits.

Benefits of applying online include:
•    Quicker approval process for eligibility
•    The accuracy of the submitted application
•    Assisting your child's school in receiving additional funds

NOTE: benefits are not retroactive and are effective only after processing by the Culinary Services Department.