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Sherrelwood Students are Pedaling Toward Success

For the second-straight year, the season of giving kicked off early at Sherrelwood Elementary when the entire first grade class was gifted new bikes and helmets thanks to their teachers, staff, families and a partnership with Wish for Wheels.

Last fall, the organization chose Sherrelwood to receive 100 new bikes and helmets for every first and second grader on campus. The staff saw first-hand the incredible impact that it had on their campus, and knew they needed to find a way to make this a new school tradition. That’s when they reached out to Wish for Wheels for help.

“The partnership with Wish for Wheels has become a great way for our school community to work together to build strong partnerships and really help each other out,” said Cindy Davis, principal at Sherrelwood. “This opportunity has really opened up our kids’ worlds, and has given them a means to not only exercise, but also a safe way to get to school faster and more efficiently.” 

Intermediate teacher Jamie Martucci was the mastermind behind bringing Wish for Wheels to Sherrelwood. She previously heard about the program from a friend, and immediately reached out to the organization to find a way to bring this to her school. That’s when she met Brad Appel, founder of Wish for Wheels, who didn’t hesitate at the chance to bring his program to the Westminster community.

“A bike gives a kid a special kind of freedom and sense of adventure,” said Appel. “It teaches them responsibility, wellness and teamwork, which are skills that can help improve the quality of life for these kids and their communities.”

In order to purchase enough bikes and helmets for a second year, the staff and families held a Build and Fund event with Wish for Wheels in the new Midtown neighborhood in Westminster. With nearly 30 volunteers in attendance, they raised enough money to purchase 40 new bikes and helmets for this year’s new students.

“I hope that every year moving forward we will be able to get bikes for our new first graders because our kids and families have truly benefited so much from this amazing partnership,” said Martucci.

Wish for Wheels is a nonprofit organization that gives brand new bicycles and helmets to kids in Title I schools and low income communities. Founded in 2004, the organization is committed to making a difference in communities across the U.S. by partnering with corporate partners and volunteers to help bring health and happiness into kids' lives. 

For information on how to get involved or to learn more about this program, contact or visit