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State Senator Focuses on Reading at Sherrelwood Visit

State Senator Nancy Todd, a former teacher and one of the most prominent voices on education issues at the state capitol, toured Sherrelwood elementary earlier this month to see how the school educates its young readers.

Two representatives of the Colorado Department of Education joined Todd on the visit. The group wanted to see how Sherrelwood integrates the state’s Early Literacy Program (READ Act) with the district’s Competency Based System (CBS).

“Sen. Todd liked the way CBS enables us to take a close look at each student and make their education truly personal,” said principal Cindy Davis. “I explained that our approach allows us to accelerate students who are doing well or give them more time and support when appropriate.”

Lawmakers created the READ Act, which stands for Reading to Ensure Academic Development, in 2012 to focus on reading literacy skills for young students with a special emphasis on the advancement of students with significant reading deficiencies. Experts say that students who have not mastered reading by third-grade rarely catch up and according to a National study by the Annie E. Casey Foundation are four times more likely to not graduate from high school.

Mat Aubuchon, director of elementary education arranged the visit. He said it showed Sherrelwood at its best, “It was a very positive day and a good example of the work going on in our elementary schools.”

sen. todd and cindy davis tour a classroom where children are working    sen todd poses with cindy davis, mat aubuchon and two others from the CDE