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Westminster High School Graduate Returns to His Hometown to Teach Physical Education

Leo Degenstein began a long partnership with Westminster Public Schools (WPS) at Mesa Elementary, Shaw Heights Middle School and graduated from Westminster High School in 2013. Five years later, he is back in the community that he has always called, "Home." Degenstein now teaches physical education at Skyline Vista Elementary, which is just a few blocks from his childhood home.

Growing up in Westminster and attending WPS, Degenstein always felt a sense of community, “When I went through K-12, I felt like I had a connection with the teachers,” he said. “They made it their personal responsibility to make a relationship and make you feel safe and at home and ready to learn.”

Degenstein now feels that the best way to give back to his community is by engaging with his students. “My education style is personal," said Degenstein. “I look into more than just what I am trying to hit learning target wise with my kids. I’m trying to make relationships with them and connections.”

In this week’s What’s Up WPS, Degenstein talks about his decision to begin his teaching career at the elementary level and why he chose to return to WPS.