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Skyline Vista Teachers Reward Former Students with Lunch Visits

Skyline Vista Elementary teachers, Mindy Frates and Megan Teeples stopped by WPS middle schools last week to keep their word to reward former students who excelled on last spring’s Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS) tests. It was the third year in a row they have visited their former students.

On August 27 and 28 the two teachers used their lunch breaks to travel to Colorado STEM Academy, Ranum Middle School, Scott Carpenter Middle School, Shaw Heights Middle School and Westminster Academy for International Studies to provide lunch to more than 30 students. 

Promises made, promises kept. 

Frates and Teeples say they look forward to this time of year and love having the chance to visit their former level, five students. “Coming and seeing their faces, their big smiles, it’s amazing,” said Teeples.

The students are just as excited to get a chance to share a meal with their former teachers.

During lunch, many reflected on their days at Skyline Vista and told their former teachers about their life as middle school students. Matthew, now a sixth-grader at Scott Carpenter, spoke for many of his classmates saying how grateful he was for his former teachers.

“They taught me so much,” he said.