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Orchard Park Academy, new name and new logo

Students and staff selected the PUMAS as their new mascot for their new school. The announcement was shared with the WPS Board of Education at their board meeting on February 9.

Under the leadership of Principal Zackary White, the school played a big role in naming the mascot, “It all started with the students. Every class had the opportunity to select a mascot with their teacher’s guidance,” said White. “The Pumas came out on top. Other choices included: the Apples, Foxes, Eagles, Otters and Panthers.”

Orchard Park Academy

“It was fun building the excitement with all our students and staff. From preschool through sixth grade, the energy around the school was over the top,” said White. “When we unveiled the pumas for kindergarten, the children screamed with excitement!”

The brand-new school will be opening in the fall of 2021. It will expand from a traditional PK-5 to include sixth, seventh and eighth-grade students. If you are a current WPS family, please enroll early as spots are limited. Orchard Park Academy is also accepting applications from families in surrounding school districts.

You can learn more about the online registration process here.

Orchard Park Academy drone picture .    Construction site of the new Orchard Park Academy

(Drone photos of the construction site of the new Orchard Park Academy)