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Weekly Update March 23- March 27

Good Afternoon CSA Families,

There are too many words to describe how I am feeling right now… overwhelmed, stressed, tired, and very grateful for my health and for a supportive community.  I am sure you are all feeling the same way as we all partner together to navigate our new normal. Our new normal comes with a lot of changes for us at school. Outdoor Education for our 6th graders will be postponed until next year.  All currently scheduled field trips are canceled for this school year. State assessments are also canceled. The Governor has suspended in-person learning through April 17th as of now. 

Our CSA team has committed to continued learning through these tough times.  As I am sure you already know, we are not trained to offer instruction online.  This week our team has been trying their very best to continue learning for kids.  We know we have work to do to streamline our communications and help make this more manageable for everyone.  We commit that we will continue to provide our very best.  

What do we ask of you?  Patience. Understanding.  Support. Please continue to try your very best to partner with us to provide the best anytime, anywhere learning experience for kids.  We are here to support you. Together, we will get through this stronger!  

Next week is considered Spring Break.  I know many of us are struggling with canceled vacations and are trying to keep a routine going for our kids.  Our CSA team is here to help by offering activities listed under upcoming events.

Finally, if your child took kindergarten or 8th grade continuation photos, please visit and click on “after picture day.”  Enter our ticket code: SZCT5VM5 and orders will be mailed directly to your home.  Call their customer service line at 303-679-9003 for assistance.  

As always, thank you for your continued support of CSA!


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