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Weekly Update for February 14th-18th

Good Afternoon CSA Families,

 A High Reliability Organization (HRO) is any organization that must be flawless in its operation because failure will result in catastrophic loss. Some examples of HROs are commercial airlines, space shuttle launches, and operating tables. Using the HRO framework a High Reliability Schools (HRS) certification process was created to assess different aspects of a school's operation. Thousands of schools across the country have started their path toward HRS certification. 

Level one certification is all about creating a safe and collaborative culture.  Our team began analyzing perceptual data from students, staff, and parents back in 2018 and made adjustments for continuous improvement since then.  I am proud to announce that Colorado STEM Academy was just awarded HRS Level 1 Certification.  This accomplishment is a celebration of the work from all of us-- students, staff, and parents to work collaboratively to create and maintain a strong school culture.  

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As always, thank you for your continued support of CSA!

Brenda Martin