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Weekly Update November 6th-10th

Digital Citizenship

As we continue to navigate the digital age in education, I want to take a moment to remind our entire school community about the importance of taking care of school technology and practicing responsible digital citizenship.

In today's educational landscape, technology plays an integral role in our students' learning experiences. Our school has provided students with access to various devices and digital resources to facilitate their education. To ensure that these resources remain effective and accessible to all, it's essential that we instill a sense of responsibility and digital citizenship in our students.

Here are a few key points we would like all families to review and discuss with their children:

  1. Responsible Device Usage: Please remind your child about the proper handling and care of school-issued devices. These devices are valuable tools for their education, and responsible usage helps prolong their lifespan.

  2. Online Safety: Emphasize the importance of online safety and the potential risks associated with the internet. Encourage your child to use strong and unique passwords and to be cautious about sharing personal information online.

  3. Digital Etiquette: Discuss the significance of respectful and considerate communication in online interactions. Kindness and empathy are equally important in the digital world as they are in person.

  4. Citing Sources: Encourage your child to cite and give credit to sources when conducting research or using information from the internet. Plagiarism is not only unethical but also a violation of academic integrity.

  5. Cyberbullying Awareness: Talk to your child about the consequences of cyberbullying and the importance of reporting any instances of online harassment or inappropriate behavior.

  6. Balanced Screen Time: Help your child strike a healthy balance between screen time for school-related activities and leisure activities. Encourage them to take breaks, engage in physical activities, and spend time offline.

By reinforcing these principles at home, we can work together to create a safe and responsible digital learning environment. Our collective efforts will help students become responsible and mindful digital citizens who make the most of their educational opportunities.

Thank you for your continued partnership in providing a well-rounded and digitally responsible education for our students. Together, we can ensure a positive and safe learning environment for all.


STAR Assessment Reports

Students in grades K-8 will be taking home our mid-fall STAR assessment reports. These reports are a quick check to monitor student progress in literacy and math. Please view your child's report and reach out to teachers if you have any questions or would like additional strategies you can continue to partner with us on your child's academic journey.

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Your Voice Matters!

Kids First Health Care (Kids First) has been serving Adams County for the last 45 years. As a mission-driven nonprofit, Kids First provides high quality health care services to children from birth to 21. We have two community clinics, and we are the only school-based health center provider in Adams County, which means we have pediatric clinics inside of schools in Westminster Public Schools, Adams 14, Adams 12 and 27J. We also run the school nursing program in Adams 14 and Westminster Public Schools.


Kids First is focusing on potentially opening a clinic at the new Ranum Career Technical Education (CTE), but we are open to your input on prioritizing a different school, such as Westminster High School or Hidden Lake High School.


Your feedback is very important for us to understand the health needs of Westminster youth, gaps in supportive services (health care and otherwise), as well as where would be the ideal school location for such a clinic.



Click here to take the survey - many thanks for your anonymous feedback!



Haga clic aquí para realizar la encuesta. ¡Muchas gracias por sus comentarios anónimos!


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Winter Sports

Winter sports season begins on November 13th! If you are interested in Wrestling, Girls Swimming or Basketball this is the season for you.


Boys and Girls Basketball are tryout sports. You need to have a current physical turned into the athletic window prior to Nov. 13th in order to tryout. If you are selected for the team, you will be required to register by Friday November 17th .


For Wrestling and Girl's swim, full registration is required before you can practice on November 13th. Full registration includes:

  • A current physical
  • $100 Pay to play
  • Registration forms complete

We will have free physicals for ATHLETES ONLY on November 7th from 9:30am-12pm in the athletic training room.


The link to register is below.



We are looking forward to an exciting winter season, GO WOLVES.


Important Dates

November 6- Early Release

November 10- No school for Veteran's Day

November 15- PTA

November 20-24 Thanksgiving Break

December 6- New Parent Information Night


Event Information

New Parent Information Night

Please share with friends and neighbors! We will be hosting an information night for prospective families interested in enrolling children for the 2024-2025 school year. Our event will be from 5:00-6:30 in the Irving Street building and will include an informational presentation, tours, and an opportunity to ask questions.



Wednesday, Dec 6, 2023, 05:00 PM


Irving Street Building

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