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Westy ProStart Help Make Halloween Special for Boys and Girls Club Students

The Westy Prostart chefs welcomed the Boys and Girls Club students into their kitchen last week to celebrate Halloween with some creative treats and an opportunity for students to demonstrate their pumpkin carving skills. The students spent a week planning and creating a Halloween inspired menu with a mix of healthy choices and some, well, not so healthy choices. Pumpkin carving started with lots of ambitious ideas for the pumpkins they had. With a scoop in one hand and a dinky pumpkin carving knife in the other, students spent two days perfecting their prize-winning design and execution of that design. Halloween was celebrated with lots of sprinkles, icing, apples and peanut butter. After school the kids from the Boys and Girls Club gathered around seven pumpkins and voted on which was the most creative pumpkin that the ProStart students designed.  Once each vote was cast, all enjoyed a little sugar rush in full Halloween spirit/costumes.