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WHS Students Get an Inside Look at Google!


Google Industry tour began with our students participating in a Q and A with 5 Googlers in one of the many high tech office spaces on this incredible campus. Our students were provided with excellent insight into the professional life of a Googler as the employees described the high-speed, high expectations of their professional environment and also the social and fun environment that working at Google brings. As we walked around the office we began to notice how Google had designed the building to relate to its location in Boulder, Colorado. It is designed to feel that you are walking up to the Rocky Mountains.  The first floor, the bottom of the mountain, is designed to look like a grassy area, floor two is the mining area, floor three looks like a campground and the fourth floor is the summit.

The knowledge our students gained from the building was impressive as our Googler tour guide described various roles at Google and also provided information on green building architecture, environmental sustainability, and interior design. This Google building is not only a place of business but it is also a building that has the ability to teach. The tour also allowed our students to view the open planned office areas, meeting rooms, fitness center, bouldering wall, massage areas, micro kitchens, and cafeteria. Our students had a fantastic day and it was a valuable insight into one of the largest, most successful companies in the world.