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Wandering Pixel Experience Comes to Westy

Graphic Design & Interactive Media classes sponsored a day of the Wandering Pixel experience for our WHS Career Tech Education (CTE) and Visual Art students.  This opportunity was brought to us by Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design (RMCAD).  "The Wandering Pixel is a mobile creative studio dedicated to inspiring students through creativity, art and design. With the edge of a chic suburban food truck, combined with the technological hipness of a NASA lab, the RMCAD DIGITAL VOYAGER, nicknamed the Wandering Pixel, begins its journey from high school to high school.  The Voyager’s mission will be to demonstrate the cutting-edge world of digital arts to potential new students while offering inspiring training aimed at cultivating awareness and excitement about possible careers in the digital arts.”

Westy Wolves experienced some of the newest technologies, such as three-dimensional drawing in virtual reality (VR), which the students loved! Students also got to create art with the latest graphic tablets and viewed student-created films in their mobile movie theater. Students had such a great time that they recommended bringing the experience back for more students to enjoy!


CTE Students working in the Wandering Pixel Bus        CTE students working in the Wandering Pixel Bus