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CyberPatriots: More Than a Game!

Teams of high school and middle school students across the country are given a mock small business to manage. The mission is to uncover the cybersecurity issues pre-programmed in the small business’ security system and correct the problems found.

Top teams will get a free trip to Bethesda, MD where they will compete at the National Finals. CyberPatriots Coach Sergio Figueroa said “although they're fixing a mock cyber system, the skills they're gaining are real.  This is the closest you can get to experiencing a career in this field while in a safe space.” This event is full of valuable life lessons and it's not just sitting down and playing on a computer, which sometimes we get a stereotypical idea of, okay teenager on iPhone or Playstation, but these kids are actually doing something meaningful with it.  Figueroa says the skills they'll take from this competition will follow them into adulthood.

"Whether or not they decide to go into information technology, or decide to go into the military, some of these students will take on the corporate workforce. These students are going to be able to walk out of a competition like this with resume material. In fact, we have already seen interest from business partners when they have seen CyberPatriot listed in student's resumes."

This is the third year Westminster High School has participated in this national event. Teams of 2-6 Students are expected to work through three or more computer images, a networking quiz and a Cisco Networking challenge within a 6 hour period, non stop.

"The amount of pressure these students are under for those 6 hours and the amount of grit demonstrated by them is quite impressive. I am very proud of my team!" Figueroa added. "It's not only about technical knowledge. Its about communication and professionalism in the workplace as well. I am sure these students will become successful outside of the classroom with the experience they have in our program."

Westminster High School has two teams in this year's event and both have qualified for the top tier of the competition. For more information about our Cybersecurity program by clicking here.  


Students working with computers at Cyber Security Competition