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CyberPatriot Program at WHS Continues to Grow

Westminster High School’s Cybersecurity course prepares students with real-world experience and the knowledge to be career ready in the growing cybersecurity workforce. These students also have the opportunity to earn college credit from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs as well as  industry certifications. In addition to the class, students have the opportunity to participate in CyberPatriot. 

The CyberPatriot program was established by the Air Force Association in 2009 to educate and motivate students toward careers in cybersecurity and other science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines critical to our nation’s future.  Each year, students take part in the CyberPatriots competition. The competition is held in multiple rounds of escalating difficulty. The main goal of every round of competition is to improve the security of one or more virtual machine images. In the past, teams have been tasked with maintaining and hardening critical services, fixing vulnerabilities, removing malware from the systems, and answering forensics questions,

The difficulty level of each round of this year’s AFA CyberPatriot competition was unprecedented, but both of our Westminster High School teams were up for the challenge.  Led by Coach Figueroa, the Westminster High School teams excelled in the CyberPatriot State Round held in January. They demonstrated teamwork, critical thinking, and technical skills needed for a successful career in cybersecurity.  Their work resulted in placing 8th in the State semifinals event and listed in the top 500 teams out of 2500 for the 2019 season.  

The current average salary for a Security Engineer in Colorado is $102,371. Students in the Computer Science pathway have the opportunity to earn various industry credentials which open doors to better career opportunities and increased salary rates. For more information about our Computer Science program and/or CyberPatriots contact Sergio Figueroa at