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WHS Prepares Students for Careers in the Health Industry

Jobs in the healthcare industry are in high demand and will be for years to come!  Westminster High School students who are interested in nursing are able to enroll in our Health Occupations pathway.  This pathway begins with an exploratory course that teaches students about the array of career fields within healthcare.  If students choose to continue their studies in that pathway, they can enroll in the Health Occupations course that prepares them to be a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA).  In order to earn their CNA credential, students must first successfully complete the clinical training. Clinical training is critical to the success of a CNA. Students must complete the required hours of training at a long term care center.  During clinicals, the facility provides students with the opportunity to apply the conceptual knowledge learned in class.  

Our future healthcare professionals are currently getting ready to complete their third day of clinicals. These students did an amazing job at Clear Creek Nursing home providing care to their elderly residents with all their activities of daily living. The students connected with these residents in a professional, friendly manner, impressing the staff and families with their knowledge and skill.  This experience helps to prepare them for the State’s CNA exam later this spring. We know that our students are passionate about their career path and are set-up for success in the future as a result of their work in high school!