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Channel 2 News Shows Some Love to the WHS "Family"

While staff and students were away from school for the quarantine, WOLF-TV continued to offer WHS Special Reports.  VCA Program Head, Chris Williams, helped the school communicate and stay connected with our students and their families – literally reminding them that “we are family”.

Mr. Williams wrote, hosted and produced the show from his home during the quarantine period. Using content from fellow teachers, he provided entertaining looks at how WHS was engaging with their students, as well as logistical information from administrators.  He even provided an exclusive “behind the scenes” look at his home studio setup, with a special ending for his fellow Gen Xers. Take a look on the WOLF-TV YouTube channel here.

That is why the April 14th "Extra Funky" Special Report caught the eye of Chris Parente, morning show anchor of  KDVR Channel 2. Parente, a long time vocal advocate for local happenings, saw the "We Are Family" music video featuring the teachers, administrators and staff of Westy and had to put it on Daybreak. You can watch the short segment on the WOLF-TV YouTube Channel here.

 Acknowledging that we are, in fact, a "family" that cares about and misses our students, WHS staff created a unique love letter to show them how much they were missed. From flying flowers in the greenhouse, dancing in wigs and costumes, and even singing with sharks, the WHS crew got down with their bad selves and had a great time doing it. 

We know this was a difficult time for the entire community, and we hope that we were able to spread a little happiness and joy to the "family."

To watch the full, uncut music video, please visit the WHS WOLF TV YouTube Channel here

Chris Williams hosting Wolf TV