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WHS CTE Alum Shines Bright

Myles Rauch is an outstanding example of what WHS CTE graduates achieve. Through professionalism, dedication and hard work, Myles demonstrated that anything is within a student’s reach. Mr. Rauch completed the CIS pathway during his senior year in 2018. Achieving the highest score in the Cybersecurity certification exam for the class, he was team leader in the Packet Tracer Challenge in the AFA Cyberpatriot National Youth Cyber Education Program representing Westminster High School. This is the most rigorous test within the CyberPatriot competition where students must establish wide area network connectivity through a virtual environment by overcoming a variety of challenges along the way. His team made it to the top 10 in the state qualifiers. 

Myles is continuing his education in CyberSecurity at Red Rocks Community College where he also participates in competitive events as a member of the Red Rocks Community College CCDC Team taking first place in the state event and top 10 in the national competition while in his first year on the team. He now serves as the Technical Officer of the college’s cyber club where he creates environments for training simulations and practices. Myles also gives back to the WHS community as our lead mentor for our CyberPatriot teams.

“Mr. Figueroa gave me the motivation and the resources to keep going and keep learning about this stuff. Before him I did not know anything about cybersecurity, I knew a bit of hardware and networking but that was it. He is the reason I am where I am today.” - Myles Rauch

Teacher with students  Cyber team      

                                                              Far Left: Myles Rauch  Middle:  Sergio Figueroa