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‘Power of Hope’ Award Given to WPS

Power of Hope Award

Westminster Public Schools received a major honor earlier this month for its ongoing efforts to prepare high school students for the day after graduation. 

The National Postsecondary Strategy Institute (NPSI) awarded the district the inaugural “Power of Hope Award” for the work its school counselors do to help students focus on careers and college readiness opportunities. The award is given to just a handful of school districts that work with a large number of students enrolled in the Free and Reduced Lunch program.

According to the organization, “The Power of Hope Award” is built on the belief that the nation’s economic growth is dependent upon continuing to significantly increase the percentages of low-income and predominantly minority students’ successfully completing postsecondary pathways.

“The award is based on actual student postsecondary readiness growth over time,” said Sandy Steiner, Director of Postsecondary and Workforce Readiness. “That kind of growth is achieved only when the whole school counselor team is engaged in the work and has the support of their equally dedicated colleagues. 

The Westminster High School Future Center, built around the model Dream, Plan, Do is a model program developed to help all students plan for a brighter future, a future powered by hope.

Dream Plan Do