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CAE Juno Clinical Skills Manikin Joins the Health Occupations and PLTW Biomedical Sciences Classrooms

The Health Occupations and Biomedical Sciences programs at Westminster High School are very fortunate to have a new member of the class this month, Juno from CAE! Juno is a very technologically-advanced clinical manikin.  A clinical manikin is a jointed model of the human body used to teach anatomy.  This Juno clinical manikin that allows students to practice patient care and patient monitoring in a safe and controlled environment that closely replicates some of the clinical scenarios they might find themselves in later in their careers.  

Designed and created by CAE Healthcare, a medical simulation and training organization, the Juno manikin can be used for foundational clinical skills practice (with skills such as the taking of a patient’s pulse or measuring respiratory rate) as well as more advanced clinical topics engagement (such as the simulation of complex medical crises and intricate clinical skills like phlebotomy or catheter placement). Representatives from CAE will be conducting a very involved training for WHS staff on April 10th and our students are excited to work with and practice their skills on Juno very soon!

Student with Juno simulator