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Financial Aid Night!

FINANCIAL AID NIGHT Thursday, October 14, 2019


  • Learn about the different types of financial aid.
  • Get personal help from financial aid experts.
  • You can still apply without a social security number, come learn about your options!

Sign-up  for a time slot at the Future Center, call or email: 


Þ 303-657-3929             Hablamos Español


Come prepared with the following to fill out the FAFSA;

Þ Student Social Security Number (DACA or Alien Registration Card, if you are not a U.S. citizen). You can STILL apply for financial support without a social security number.

Þ 2018 Income taxes or W-2 Forms and other records of money earned for parents/guardians & student. 

Þ Exact name that is listed on your ID or Birth Certificate.

Þ If your family does not file taxes, have an estimate of how much money the family gets per year (the estimate may needed to proven) 

Þ If your family files taxes in another country, have an estimate and proof in dollars of how much they earn for the year.

Þ Dates of parents’ marriage/divorce.

Þ Parents’ birth dates

Þ List up to 10 colleges or universities that interest you.

Þ Amount of money in checking, savings and cash for you and your parent/guardian