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Common FAFSA Myths Debunked!

Recently, we saw an article about the top reasons many students never fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The counselors in the Future Center have heard many of these reasons, and we wanted to take a minute to debunk some of the myths!

  • 33 percent thought they or their family could afford school or college without financial aid.
    • Unfortunately, the cost of college and trade school has gone up substantially in recent years. While some families may be able to contribute financially, it is always worthwhile to apply for the FAFSA and see what free money is available!

  • 32 percent thought they or their family may be ineligible or may not qualify for financial aid.
    • If you (the student) are a U.S. Citizen, permanent resident, or qualifying non-citizen, and your family makes under $250,000, you are highly likely to qualify for at least some financial aid. Many students who qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch also qualify for Pell Grants (free money!). If you are a non-citizen, there are many other options for financial aid available; please come to the Future Center and we can discuss your specific situation and options.
  • 28 percent did not want to take on debt.
    • While students who apply for FAFSA can qualify for federal student loans, applying for the FAFSA does not automatically sign a student up to take out loans. Many other types of financial aid are given through the FAFSA, including Pell Grants which do not need to be paid back.
  • 22 percent did not plan to continue education after high school.
    • If you are considering trade or technical school, you should still complete the FAFSA. Likewise, some students want to attend college but don’t realize how affordable it can be until after they complete the FAFSA.
  • 15 percent did not know they could complete a FAFSA.
  • 23 percent did not have enough information about how to complete a FAFSA.
  • 9 percent thought the FAFSA forms were too much work or too time-consuming.
    • Luckily, the Future Center is here to help! We will be hosting our last financial aid night for the school year on February 19, 2020 from 5:00 – 8:00 PM – come by and we will sit down to help you complete your FAFSA application! Can’t make our financial aid night? Contact us at and we can set up an alternative time to complete your FAFSA.


If you are a graduating senior who has not yet completed FAFSA, there is still time! Come to our Financial Aid Night on Wednesday, February 19th from 5:00 – 8:00 PM, or contact us at and we can set up an alternative time to complete your FAFSA.