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OPTIONS - Life after High School! Work, College, & Much More!

The Future Center has made available the following videos on the process of applying for a variety of pathways!  

There are SO MANY resources available for you online!  The team expanded the information in every category and posted it for you so you can access it at any time.  We are also available by phone or email!

Life after High School gives you so many options! Need some support and direction? Check out these videos to help you with:  How to Interview, How to take the ASVAB, How to complete the FAFSA, How to Apply to a 4-year College/University.

Are you looking for Job Search help or need to review Employers who are hiring?

Do you have questions about the FAFSA or Financial Aid?

Are you planning to enroll in College and need help pick the right classes?              

Do you want to get a jump on writing scholarships for next year?

Please email the Future Center at if you have any questions!!