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Future Center Workshops Daily/Weekly!

What is this? These are online Zoom meetings offered twice daily, every week. Each session is designed to offer a 10-15 minute overview of the topic followed by a discussion and questions. We will send a weekly Zoom link to your school e-mail.

Have more questions? Schedule a private Zoom/phone appointment with one of us.

Applying to College
Find out about certificate, 2 or 4-year degree options & how to apply.

Exploring Military Options
Learn about careers in the military & how to enlist.

Resume Support & Interview Tips
Basic resume writing skills, how to target your resume, formatting tricks, & resume etiquette.

Job, Apprenticeship & Short-term Training Options
Learn how to find and apply for jobs, apprenticeships, & short-term training.

Financial Aid & Scholarships
Gain an understanding of the basics of financial aid, FAFSA, & scholarships.

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