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“Thank you so much for your financial support! I can’t even explain how grateful I am for WPSF!”  WPSF Scholarships Recipient

Students that start an application before December are more likely to submit a competitive application by the February 26 deadline. Start your application by going to our website >> CLICK HERE  You will NOT be required to submit SAT or ACT scores for our application this year! Senior Application Checklist!
- Start working on compelling personal statements! You WIll need to write these for your college scholarships, applications, and WPSF scholarship. >>Click here for example personal statement prompts
- Apply for the >>Colorado Opportunity Fund.
- Submit your >>FAFSA Application if you are eligible.
- Work on a >>college resume. You will need a resume to submit with your scholarship application.
- Start talking to your teachers, coaches, employers, etc. about writing a professional letter of recommendation for you. You will need at least one to submit with your scholarship applications (ask several people)! >>Here is how you can start that conversation.
Apply to colleges. Start local and go global. Identify at least 5 colleges that align with your long-term career goals! The >>common application is a good place to start.
- Start a conversation with your counselor about what you will need to elevate your high school transcript.
- Apply to other scholarships! Start with the Future Center.

If you need help, please contact WPS Future Center or WPS Foundation Program Director at for a 1:1 help session.

Email –
Call – 720-542-5067  |  Text – 720-552-8033