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High School students are busy each year preparing for the day after graduation. Here is a quick summary of the work being done with students in high school right now.

Meet TRiO UB Student: ADRIANNA JOHNSON, WHS 11th Grader

Why did you join TRIO?
How has it supported you in high school?
“I joined TRiO because another student told me about the perks of the program and explained how it can be helpful to my next chapter. I figured joining TRiO could help me with guidance and resources around college and career readiness because I wasn’t receiving a lot of support at school. TRiO supported me academically; and more importantly, personally and emotionally. I joined TRiO last summer, at a time, where I felt like I was spiraling and needed to do something to better myself, especially because I was feeling isolated. Having everyone in the Summer Academy gave me something to look forward to each day because I enjoyed the class discussions and a lot of my friends are now in TRiO. I was also surprised at how understanding the instructors were and truly appreciated people checking in on me. Here at TRiO, we have the chance to create real bonds with other people and I am so excited to attend TRiO Academy again this summer!”

What are you looking forward to this school year? “One thing I am looking forward to this year is reflecting on all of my self-growth. I have been through a lot and I want to pause and reflect back on the events that have happened and seek ways to learn from them. I’ve never been someone to take care of myself (especially before others) and so, I am truly looking forward to being there for myself and putting myself first this year. I've grown to like myself. I have been waiting for this moment for so long. Even though there is more growth to be had, I am surprised that this is where I’m at. On this self-awakening journey, I’ve been feeling happier. I have a sense of myself and am looking forward to continuing this journey of understanding who I am.

What activities and hobbies do you enjoy? Why? “Some activities I enjoy most are journaling and all forms of art. Journaling is my escape especially because my brain is always on. Being able to write my thoughts down onto paper has been necessary for me because I sometimes get overwhelmed with my thoughts.
Drawing is another form of expressing our feelings. I’ll often draw when I’m happy or sad--and it's beautiful because it's always different. You can place great meaning to art. I really want to go back to the Denver Art Museum because I love it. Lastly, I like music and analyzing the meanings of songs depending on the lyrics.
I like analyzing --finding the deeper, hidden meaning behind thoughts, art, and music.

Do you have any words of advice? “Do not waste your energy if you know you do not have it, especially for the benefit of others. Recognize when you don’t have the energy and when you need to take a break. Stop beating yourself up for taking care of yourself. We are always taught to go, go-go. You can’t make it if you refuse to do things for yourself; because everyone else will be satisfied while you feel empty and hopeless. Also, do not feel bad about not always winning. Your bad days don’t determine who you are and don’t make you a bad person. Be proud of yourself for the things you do accomplish. Never feel bad about making mistakes. 
yourself: you woke up today, good job! Taking the time to appreciate the small moments in life, will help you in celebrating the bigger accomplishments in life.”