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Seniors - Financial Aid Application Night FAFSA/CASFA Support!

Seniors potentially get up to $6,500 for college or technology schools for the next school year! 

Students can save a 30-minute spot on one of these two financial aid night dates:

· Sign up here for October 12th!

· Sign up here for November 17th!

· Call - 303-657-3929 

· E-mail -


What Documents Do I Need To Complete FAFSA / CASFA?

Þ Exact name that is listed on your & parents’ ID or Birth Certificate.

Þ Student Social Security Number (DACA or Alien Registration Card, if you are not a U.S. citizen).
Apply for CASFA if you do not have a  social security number.

Þ 2021 Income taxes, W-2 Forms & other records of money earned by parents/guardians & students. 

Þ If your family does not file taxes, have an estimate of how much money the family makes per year. 

Þ If your family files taxes in another country, estimate & proof in dollars how much they earn for the year.

Þ Dates of parents’ marriage/divorce.

Þ Amount of money in checking, savings, and cash for you & your parent/guardian