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Meet Westminster High School's CTE Education and Training Teacher Maureen Bangsund


Maureen Bangsund is in her third year at Westminster High School, and her seventh year in education. Bangsund currently teaches the CTE Education and Training program.  and stated that, "I am in love with the ability to geek out on my passion all day long with students who are also considering entering the profession." Bangsund is also the FCCLA Advisor and loves being able to support students in their own leadership development.

She said, "It is so amazing to see what students are capable of when given the opportunity to lead."


Prior to teaching, Bangsund used to be a professional fighter and competed internationally in boxing, kickboxing, muay thai, MMA, and jiu-jitsu. She also coached boxing, muay thai, and jiu-jitsu. While she no longer competes, she still loves to train when the opportunity presents itself. 


Outside of Westy, it is rare that you don't see Bangsund with a book in her face. She stated that, "love reading and writing and enjoy the escape from reality that both provide." She is a wife and a mother of three, ages 11, 16, and 21. She also enjoys camping (especially if reading by the fire is an option).