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Future Center Hosted First Ever PWR Networking Event!

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In a groundbreaking initiative our Future Center proudly introduced our very first WPS Post-Secondary and Workforce Readiness (PWR) Networking Event on October 13th, 2023. This fantastic event centered around empowering our ASCENT/TREP & Concurrent Enrollment students, shedding light on the vital aspects of college life.


What went down?

Our students gathered to unravel what college success looks like for the first time or being at a college campus full-time. We delved into the importance of higher education/trade school, demystified campus life, and shared invaluable tips and tricks. Students also shared on how to navigate financial aid and the importance on completing on a yearly basis.


Why it matters?

The WPS PWR Network, isn’t just an event, it is a network for all students who are engaged in a post-secondary pathway. By bridging knowledge gaps and fostering a supportive community, we’re ensuring every student is equipped for a bright future. Empowering our students and having the tools to be successful on their academic journey.


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