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Sunset Ridge Recognized for its Safe, Supportive and Collaborative Culture

Sunset Ridge Elementary has received Level 1 Certification from Marzano Academies, the first of five steps in earning designation as a High Reliability School. A High Reliability rating is the “gold standard” for a competency based school.

To receive designation as a Level One school, an overwhelming percentage of staff, students and parents must agree that the school provides a safe, supportive and collaborative culture.  A basic premise of the Marzano Academies framework is that children cannot learn to their full potential if they don’t feel comfortable in their school.

Among the findings at Sunset Ridge:

  • 100% of teachers and staff agreed that Sunset Ridge is a safe school.
  • 88% of parents responded that Sunset Ridge has clear and specific rules in place to keep the school safe and orderly.
  • 98% of students agreed that they know the safety rules at Sunset Ridge and believe their school is an orderly place.

Here are the five steps to becoming a High Reliability School

five levels

Earlier this year, John E. Flynn A Marzano Academy became the first school in the country to receive certification in all five levels.