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Sunset Ridge PK-8 Gets a New Look!

Have you heard the news? Sunset Ridge Elementary has begun its transition into Sunset Ridge PK-8! Many parents have told us they’d like their children to remain in the same school setting for longer, and we listened. In preparation for this exciting change, we are proud to unveil a new logo for our award-winning school. 

“Sunset Ridge has a long history of being the wolves, but we changed the logo soon after I became principal to be more colorful and welcoming,” explained Principal Roger Vadeen. “I believe our new logo is even more colorful and more inviting.”

Studies show that students who attend a K-8 school are more comfortable, feel safer, and ultimately perform better academically than their counterparts at traditional middle schools.

“Our students resonate with the wolf,” said Vadeen when describing the Sunset Ridge community. “Our hallways are called South Den, North Den and Kinder Den and we have a collective Wolf Howl that can get pretty loud! Wolf Camp is our first 2 weeks of school when we teach students what they need to know to be a successful ‘Sunset Ridge Student’.”

The outstanding staff at Sunset Ridge PK-8 will be welcoming their first class of 7th graders in the 2023-2024 school year and will enroll their first class of 8th grade students in the fall of 2024. “We welcome our community to check out the personalized learning that we offer our students at Sunset Ridge PK-8,” said Vadeen.