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Tennyson Knolls Reaches out to Students who Lost Schools in California Wildfire

Northern California students who lost their schools to the horrific Camp Fire that burned more than 153,000 acres in early November, returned to makeshift school buildings last week to find the walls covered with posters from students at Tennyson Knolls Elementary.  The work was all a labor of love.

“The idea was to make the temporary school more kid friendly for these students who have lost so much,” said Tennyson Knolls principal Heather McGuire. She has a personal connection to the fire because one of her good friends, Jessica McMahon, is a teacher at Ponderosa Elementary.

“Jessica lost her home and all her personal possessions in the fire, but her focus right now is on her students and I offered to do anything we could do to help from here in Colorado,” said McGuire. “I spoke with the school principal and he loved the idea.”

News of this kindness spread quickly, CBS Denver stopped by Tennyson Knolls to cover this event, and it aired on their newscast on Nov. 28. Click here to watch the CBS story.

You can also watch the exclusive What’s UP WPS video above and click through the photo gallery below to see more of what students and staff at Tennyson Knolls created for those in Paradise and what the posters look like at the new temporary schools.