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Level Two Students Receive a Free Bicycle & Helmet

On Wednesday, May 1, level two students from Tennyson Knolls Elementary (TKE) were treated the gift of their very own bicycle and helmet from Wish for Wheels. Volunteers from Sage Hospitality were on hand to help the students assemble the bicycles in the gym. For many of the students, this was their very first bicycle and even for some an opportunity to ride a bike for the first time. Sage Hospitality had nearly 100 volunteers from their sales team to help the children out with assembly and then heading out to the playground for the first ride on their brand new bike.

To date, Wish for Wheels has given away more than 30,000 new bikes and helmets. Wish for Wheels uses the membership fees for its cycling club to get more kids on bikes. Members of the club are strong advocates for bike riding noting that it does wonders for a child’s mental and physical health.

Principal, Heather McGuire, expressed her gratitude for working with Wish for Wheels and the volunteers at Sage Hospitality.

"We were extremely excited to work with Wish for Wheels this year. Our P.E. teacher reached out to Wish for Wheels months ago, and once they were able to find an organization that had a desire to donate time and money, we were informed that this event would take place. We were able to pull off a surprise for all level 2 students, by giving them a new bike and helmet. The excitement on the faces of students, teachers, and volunteers was an amazing experience to witness. Many of the volunteers explained that this time spent with our students was pretty impactful for them personally. I was moved by the gratitude our TKE students showed the volunteers who were helping them put the bikes together. I was especially moved by watching a fifth grader come to tears witnessing his brother receive his first new bicycle. I am thankful for this opportunity, proud that my P.E. teacher reached out to the Wish for Wheels charity, and looking forward to working with Wish for Wheels again next year. I cannot thank Sage Hospitality and Wish for Wheels enough!"