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Celebrate the Beat Comes to Tennyson Knolls

On Thursday, September 12, level five students at Tennyson Knolls Elementary (TKE) performed in front of a packed gym of students and parents. Celebrate the Beat (CTB) hires professional artist and musicians to come together and teach over 3,500 children annually thru choreographed dance.

Justine Roberts is the Executive Director of Celebrate the Beat a non-profit organization. This year’s theme is “We Persist” celebrating different people that have made a difference like Nelson Mandela, Malala Yousafzai and Harriet Tubman. The theme is different every year and it is selected by different world events to connect dance with student’s lives. When Justine was asked about this year’s theme she said: “No Change is too small, because change starts with you.” Celebrate the Beat is celebrating its 20th year anniversary making a difference in our community, they are in 25 schools in Colorado as well as in five schools in Nayarit Mexico.

This is the second year that CTB has come to dance with TKE students and plans for next year have already begun.