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Gregory Hill October 2020 Newsletter

Important Dates:

Oct. 1st-Science Experiment Day

Oct. 14th Parent Coffee – 10:00AM

Oct. 26th & 27th: Fall Break- No School

Oct. 29th-Science Experiment Day


 Message from the Principal

 Hello everyone,

 Welcome to October at the ELC! 

It has been a very crazy start to the year, but we made it through the first month. We truly could not do it without the support of our families. As a friendly reminder, in order to keep staff safe, we are asking all parents to wear a facemask during the drop off process.

Although we will not be attending any field trips or school-wide assemblies, the ELC Special Education Team is determined to make the year fun and engaging for the students. ELC Staff will be presenting some fun activities to each class on a monthly basis. This month, the focus will be around Science. For the first experiment, we will see how coke and Mentos react to one another. Later this month, students will learn how to make slime. Both in-person and remote preschool students will be able to participate in the activities.

Jen Keyes

Early Learning Center Principal



Although some absences are unavoidable, it is important that students attend school as often as possible.  Preschool is a great time to start building a habit of good attendance.  Please note that we are allowing days for students to be absent for illness and do not want families to send children to school sick. Students are asked to stay home if they are experiencing any of the COVID symptoms.  

In addition, it is especially important during the month of October that we have excellent attendance.  This is our “count” week and we need to be sure that all students are in attendance to ensure accurate reporting for our program. 


Parent Coffee

For October’s parent coffee, we will be exploring what remote preschool looks like in WPS. One of our remote teachers will join us to discuss their daily schedule and activities. Please join us via zoom on Wednesday, Oct 14th at 10:00 at


Late Start Days

Parents should have received an automated announcement from WPS about late start days due to weather.  If a late start day is called for the district, the morning session will be cancelled for that day.  Afternoon session will have a normal school day. 


Nutrition Parent Class

Colorado State University’s Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program or EFNEP helps families make healthy lifestyle choices. Through a 9-lesson curriculum called Eating Smart • Being Active, you will learn to choose healthy foods, be more physically active, save money on food, and keep food safe to eat. These nutrition classes are taught remotely through online lesson videos followed by a live discussion via videoconference with a certified nutrition educator. Class beginning soon for Gregory Hill parents. If you are interested please email Cynthia Hernandez for more information at


Building News

With the hope of keeping all families informed, I have decided to add a “building news” section to my monthly newsletters.  This section will help keep families informed about things that are happening in the building each month, let you know what training our staff is completing each month, and any other important building information.

  • In September, we had our first fire drill.
  • Preschool staff from around the district met in September to get additional training in Empower. Empower is the platform that will be used if/when classrooms move to remote learning.