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Uniform Policy

NEW Uniform Policy 2019-2020 *Please read
  • ASTRO Shirt or PLAIN Navy or Black t shirt or polo only
  • PLAIN (No logo) Navy or Black sweatshirt without a hood
  • No Hoodies
  • Jeans or Khakis only- no rips, no tears, no holes permitted
  • ID’s must be worn around their necks
  • No headphones permitted at school (classrooms will have headphones to use)
  • Phones only permitted at lunch, if a phone is out during the day it will be taken and student can get it from the office at the end of the day, if given over willingly without a fight

Uniform Free Day

Uniform Free Days are a day for students to dress in a way that is not as limited as a typical day. This means students can dress more fashionably, with different color combinations. It is not a casual dress down day or a day to dress in all one color. This is still our place of business and it is to reflect a level of professionalism and decorum. We still do not want sweat clothes/gym clothes such gym shorts or pants, pants with holes, leggings or tights.  Inappropriate images or slogans on shirts or clothing that have holes are also not allowed. Additionally shirts should have sleeves and students should have a uniform back up in case they did not meet this expectation and so the family is not inconvenienced to accommodate their oversight.