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Students Receive a Tasty Surprise Thanks to their Former Teachers

Last spring, Skyline Vista Elementary Principal, Zack White made a promise to his Level 5 students. He pledged that if their test scores on the Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS) reflected high achievement or growth, that they would receive a free lunch the following school year. On Tuesday, Oct. 2, White kept his promise and had Skyline Vista teachers deliver lunches to the 24 students who exhibited growth on the 2017 CMAS.

At Scott Carpenter Middle School, 18 of these 24 students were elated to see their former Skyline Vista teachers Mindy Frates and Megan Teeples. Frates and Teeples met these students in the cafeteria with lunch from Wendy’s in hand.

"We’re here today to celebrate our kids who had huge growth on testing," said Frates. She also shared that the best part of visting her former students was seeing how much they had grown.

Students shared their meal at the same table and got the chance to catch up with their former teachers. Scott Carpenter Principal Camile Carlson even stopped by to congratulate these students on their much-deserved surprise.

"This shows students that they can really trust their teachers," said Carlson. "Plus, they get Wendy’s — which for any kid to have that at lunch is awesome!"