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CSLA Dress Code

All students at The Colorado Sports Leadership Academy are expected to wear the designated uniform.

  • Colorado Sports Leadership Academy attire that has the school’s logo.
  • Students may also wear blue, green, grey, white or black plain polo shirts.
  • CSLA Hoodies are the only hoodie allowed within the school building.

District approved dress code is followed regarding appropriate pants/shorts and shoes.

If students are not in proper CSLA attire, students may borrow a CSLA approved shirt from the office for the day or office staff may have students call home if the student needs a parent to bring them appropriate attire. If not returned by the next school day, parents will be notified and charged for the borrowed shirt.

Students will need closed-toed shoes for PE and technology education classes.

Students should dress appropriately for the weather so that they are comfortable and able to complete school work. In the winter, this includes items such as a coat, hat, gloves and boots or appropriate shoes. Hats and hood are allowed when students are outside, but must be removed upon entering the building.

Repeated dress code violations may result in further discipline or suspension.