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Hidden Lake Students vs Staff Basketball Game Returns for Second Year

For the second year in a row, Hidden Lake High School (HLHS) held its student’s vs staff basketball game on Friday, December 2. The entire school turned out to watch, some cheering for the staff, but most cheering for their fellow classmates.

Brooke Helsabeck, a teacher at HLHS, came up with the idea for a basketball tournament last year, “During the pandemic, we weren't able to hold school-wide events and last year things were finally starting to go back to normal.” Helsabeck said the basketball game puts a “spark of energy” for staff and students to reconnect. “Many of our students have a love for basketball, so that evoked the idea of staff playing against them.”

While the rules were loose, which allowed teams to have fun without focusing on technical skills, both teams gave everything they had during the game. This tournament also gave students the chance to see that teachers have other passions outside of the classroom. Helsabeck expanded on this, “Witnessing teachers doing activities other than just teaching demonstrates that we are just as human as them. It shows students that they aren't only interested in how they perform in school, but also who they are out in the real world.” 

After the sound of the buzzer, students won 38-18.