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Westy Band Director Embraces Competency Based Music Education

The sound of trumpets blaring, drums banging and French horns bellowing are nothing new to Westminster High School’s (WHS) newest band director, Megan Lewin. Lewin grew up in New England with a background in band and theatre. After finishing her bachelor’s degree, Lewin was looking for a change of scenery and moved to Colorado to pursue her master’s degree in music education from the University of Colorado.

Shortly after graduating, Lewin says that, “the stars aligned” and she ended up at WHS. Even before classes started, Lewin started up the WHS Marching Band, a task that she said was the hardest thing she has ever done, “It was overwhelming [to teach marching band] but in all of the best ways, but that passion and effort I put into marching band also allowed me to put my best effort into a concert band setting as well.”

In this week’s What’s Up WPS, take a deeper look into Lewin’s band class where you’ll see what inspires her to do her very best for her students both inside and outside the classroom.