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WHS Senior Awards Ceremony is a Record Breaker


The Westminster High School (WHS) class of 2019 earned a record-breaking $6.5 million in scholarships this year making for a memorable Senior Awards Ceremony on Thursday, May 16 in the Joanna Ramsey Theatre.

The class also had more “honor” graduates than at any time in its history.

There were so many students deserving of honors this year, that the ceremony was split into two parts with an intermission in-between.

The first part of the program focused on student awards by WHS departments and programs with the second half of the night honoring individual scholarship winners.

Click here to watch the 2019 WHS Senior Awards ceremony. The winners are listed below.

Westminster Public Schools Foundation Scholarship

Adams County Scholarship

  • Anecia Al-Bawab Kalenga
  • Sawyer Bieske
  • Jetzabe De Anda Vazquez
  • Julia Pham
  • Yamileth Salinas Del Val
  • Janeth Villalobos 

Peierls Scholarship

  • Alisson Castro Morales
  • Elizabeth Cedillo–Lozano
  • Vanesa Cuellar Leyva
  • Marina Reyes Castaneda
  • Stephanie Gonzales
  • Stephania Rodriguez Nieto

Premier Members Credit Union Scholarship

  • Victor Banuelos Gandara

WRSEA Vocational Scholarship

  • Jessica Venegas

WRSEA Academic Scholarship

  • Mitzy Gonzalez

WRSEA Future Teacher Scholarship

  • Samantha Cummins-Valdez

WRSEA Don Rhoda Promising Student Scholarship

  • Yaremmy Vargas Garcia                                                              

Hyland Hills Parks and Recreation Employee Scholarship

  • Giovanni Bernal

Iver C. Ranum/ WRSEA/Premier Members Credit Union Memorial Scholarship for Future Teachers

  • Paola Benitez Perez
  • Ruby Guardado

Outstanding Student Scholarship

  • Gesselle Salayandia Adame

Leslie De La Torre Memorial Criminal Justice Scholarship

  • Erika Guerrero Roman

WPS Business Scholarship

  • Aroon Enriquez

Spirit of 76 Scholarship

  • Sebastian Godina

Lynch Family Scholarship

  • Linzey Velez

Individual Scholarships/Awards

  • Jinager Scholarship
  • Phuong Vo                                   

PEO Chapter HX Scholarship

  • Camilla Rodriguez Guzman
  • Yatzari Lozano Vazquez
  • Paula Cristina  

Metro State Excel Pre-Collegiate Scholarship

  • Elizabeth Cedillo-Lozano                                
  • Felicia Garcia
  • Maria Vidal Castro

FRCC Associates Degree

  • Phuong Vo

TheDream.Us Scholarship

  • Elizabeth Cedillo Lozano
  • Zabdi Sanchez Silos
  • Maria Vidal Castro

CCD Scholarship

  • Alisson Castro Morales                                            
  • Aliet Gonzalez
  • Stephania Rodriguez Nieto