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IB Visual Art Show on Display This Friday

At this year’s International Baccalaureate (IB) Visual Art Show, guests can expect a smaller, more intimate presentation with the art of ten students represented including: Isabel Castaneda, Dia Cook, Caleb Grasmick, Toan Nguyen, Carlos Estrada, Jasmmine West, Jada Parsons, Alicia Samaniego, Anisa Jaramillo and Jason Cao. Due to precautions being taken during the outbreak of the coronavirus, the reception has been move from March 13 to May 1. Guests can stop by to see the artwork anytime between March 13-26 in Westminster High School.

The IB Visual Art Show is a culmination of a year and a half of production in which visual art students develop a body of work based on a common theme or issue that they would like to explore in-depth. To prepare for this presentation, students spend months researching, practicing techniques, sketching, reflecting and painting.

Guests will see a range of themes represented from environmental issues, to explorations of feminism, to pop culture references. As viewers peruse the artwork, they can also read a series of statements that accompany each piece that help explain the students’ artistic intentions.

IB art teacher, Michelle Music hopes guests will understand the power of art as universal communication, “That’s the cool thing about art, it doesn’t matter what language you speak, it communicates.”

Click through the photo gallery above to get a glimpse of some of the art pieces students are finishing up.